How It Works

All Parable NFTs are recorded on the Ethereum blockchain and their artwork is hosted on IPFS . Their ownership is defined in the smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain. You can acquire ownership by minting a Parable on OpenSea or by buying it from someone else.

There will only ever be a maximum of 21,000 Parables available, and the cost for minting increases with the total number of Parables minted. Early adopters will enjoy significant discounts. Prices are according to the following table.

1000 NFTs
5500 NFTs
0.02 ETH
14500 NFTs
0.08 ETH

To guarantee a fair distribution the initial sale will be hidden - you will not know which Parable you buy. After all Parables are minted or two weeks have passed, a random number will be determined on-chain. This number defines an offset that determines which NFT corresponds to which artwork. Example: If you own the NFT with TokenID number 10 and the offset is 7 , your NFT represents the Parable (artwork) with number 17 (10+7).

Parable Naming Tokens

Parable Naming Tokens (PNT) are earned when minting a Parable as well as over time. These can be held or sent to other users.

Minting a Parable during the hidden sale will provide you with 2,745 PNT while minting it after the reveal will give you 915 PNT. In addition, you will earn 10 PNT per Parable per day. The PNT can be claimed from the smart contract at any time. If you have acquired 1,830 PNT, you can use them to give your card a unique name.

Treasure Hunt

You will be able to submit solutions to riddles three weeks after the initial sale has started. The solution first needs to be hashed using the Ethereum SHA3 algorithm before submitting. If you test your solution on this webpage, we will hash it automatically for you. Correct solutions earn PNT for all Parable owners, and can be claimed for each Parable you own.

Riddle rewards are according to the following distribution.

365 PNT
Marcus Domitius V
460 PNT
550 PNT
The Dreamer
640 PNT
Gold Rush
730 PNT
Black Magic
915 PNT
1830 PNT

Parables that are minted after a riddle was solved, will not be eligible for that riddle’s reward!