All artworks are already visible in our gallery. However, a random order will be determined exactly 2 weeks after the sale, on September 13 2pm EST / 6pm GMT / 11am PST. You can check the reveal timestamp in our smart contract.
You can rename your Parable directly on the wallet section of this webpage using MetaMask or by calling the rename function of the Parable NFT smart contract (contract) from any other wallet. Renaming your Parable costs 1,830 PNT. Names must be unique, not longer than 25 characters and can only contain letters, numbers and spaces.
Airdrops are a token of appreciation to celebrate the support of our community. After 6,500 NFTs were minted, we will trigger the first airdrop, after 27,500 NFTs the second. We will mint 30 Parables for the first and 100 for the second airdrop. These Parables will be sent to randomly determined Parable owners using a transparent on-chain mechanism. The chance of receiving a free Parable from an Airdrop is proportional to the number of Parables you own.
The sale starts on August 30, 2pm EST on OpenSea . You can find the countdown on the home page.
The sale will take place on OpenSea. You can mint your Parables there. You have the option to either mint one Parable at a time, or to mint four and get one for free.
Look for them only in the full-sized original images on the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS). (Provenance Record)
Great! Riddle solutions can be submitted three weeks after the initial sale has started. You can validate your solution in the Riddle section (riddles) of the webpage. If it is correct, you will be offered the option to submit your solution directly to the smart contract using MetaMask. Alternatively you can submit it using a wallet of your choice by interacting with the guess function of the PNT contract. In that case you have to hash your result with the Ethereum SHA3 algorithm before submission. Once submitted, all owners of Parables that were minted at that point in time will be able to claim the reward.
Yes you are the sole owner of your Parable. You can trade Parables on secondary markets such as OpenSea, or on any other NFT marketplace as well as privately.
You hold all rights to your Parables’ artwork, including unlimited usage and commercial rights. You can use them online, print them, make a card deck, design a poster, sell them, or find other ways to creatively engage with your Parables.
All Parables are hosted on the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) and do not depend on our website. Even if we stopped pinning them on the IPFS, as long as anyone is pinning the Parable on IPFS it still persists there. You can also keep a local copy of the file on your machine or pin it yourself to make sure it persists.
Each image file is hashed to get its unique signature. The hashes are concatenated to a very long string, the Provenance Record. This record serves as proof of all image files and their order. The hash of the provenance record is stored in the smart contract and thus is recorded forever in an immutable way. (Provenance Record)