Parable NFT

Collect hand drawn pieces of digital art and discover their hidden secrets.

Parable NFT is live!!

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Parable NFT

Parable NFT is a digital, collectible and interactive art project with a touch of mystery. Thousands of individual details, hand drawn by a collective of artists. Assembled and augmented by powerful algorithms to create 21,000 highly unique cards.

A parable is a short story that carries a moral or spiritual meaning. In our digital, visual interpretation of a parable, each card conveys this meaning through its art, name and hidden mysteries. Find your personal interpretation in its symbolism, uncover its secrets and create significance by choosing a unique name.

The tarot-inspired motifs of your Parables draw from more than 600 years of tradition and unite it with modern technology. They overcome the limitations inherent to traditional card decks and push the boundaries of interpretation and participation. Together, thousands of unique motifs create the basis for an ever changing, living, collective work of art.

Collective Art

Your Parables are not just images but also carry powerful names. As Parable owner, you can directly participate in this collective art project through the process of decentralized card naming.

All Parable owners will receive Parable Naming Tokens (PNT) over time. Your naming tokens can then be used to change the names of your Parables, influence their interpretation, and give them your unique signature. Through this collective process, the meaning of the art is shifting and evolving over time.

Collaborative Mystery

Naming your Parables and deciphering their meaning is just one part of the magic. Hidden within their imagery are hundreds of secret clues for you to uncover. Eventually, they will lead you to the discovery of seven greater mysteries. Putting together all the pieces of the puzzle will require dedication and a strong community effort, and if uncovered, will earn you considerable rewards.

42,000 unique Parables

Hundreds of different traits in each Parable

Seven great mysteries with rewards

Full ownership and rights for the NFT holder

Three layers of scarcity: Art, Names, and Secrets

Special extra rare cards in gold, silver and black

Blind sale for a fair distribution

Passive PNT generation for NFT holders

Parable Naming Tokens

For each Parable NFT you own, over time you will earn Parable Naming Tokens (PNT). Once you have collected enough tokens, you can spend them to (re-)name your Parable. Each name is unique and thus adds a layer of scarcity to your Parable. Once you have given your Parable a name, no one else can use that name unless you change the name again, or sell them your Parable.

By choosing a name, you add your own inspiration and creativity to the artwork. Together with the visual image, you determine the most important property of a Parable: its meaning. Your choice will be permanently engraved in the Ethereum blockchain, making it visible to everyone, and shaping this collective art project forever.

Treasure Hunt

Interpreting the motif of a Parable is just the first step in deciphering it’s true meaning. There are hundreds of clues secretly hidden in the images. Once found, together they tell the stories of seven great mysteries. Each of these riddles will be harder to solve than the last, requiring a large community effort to succeed. Once solved, the solution can be submitted to the smart contract and will earn you community rewards in the form of Parable Naming Tokens. Every Parable that was minted before the riddle was solved entitles its owner to a reward.

These Riddles are the third layer of scarcity inherent to Parables, but in contrast to the other two, this layer is hidden. Not all Parables have secrets and not all secrets are the same. Does your Parable have one? And if yes, will you discover it?



1000 NFTs minted

Avatar Generator


6500 NFTs minted

1st Airdrop for Parable owners


12000 NFTs minted

Liquidity Pool


17000 NFTs minted

2nd Airdrop for Parable owners


21000 NFTs minted

Gallery Update: reveal all traits

Smart contracts and Provenance

Parable Naming Token (PNT) contract: